Founding Engineer (Yarn)



Company Bio

Yarn is a company that aims to revolutionize video creation by leveraging AI and domain-specific models to make video production more efficient and accessible.


$150k - $190k, 1% - 2%

Created time
Jun 13, 2024 10:49 PM
Employment Type
New York
Remote Friendly

If you’re interested, please send an email with your resume, LinkedIn, and/or Github to [email protected]

About Yarn

Video is the most compelling medium ever invented.

But even a single minute of video can take hours to make and expertise across multiple tools.

AI will change this forever, and how we create and consume video will look completely different in 5 years time. We're starting by 1000Xing the amount of video made by software companies. Not just more video, but better video – compelling, authentic, entertaining, and beautiful.

We're taking a novel approach in the video space. We think making videos is reasoning-heavy, so we're focusing on using LLMs and interfaces to orchestrate the best domain-specific models.

Our investors include YCombinator, General Catalyst, Leonis Capital, and angels from Pika Labs, Roblox, and Adobe.

About the role

We’re looking for founding engineers in-person in NYC.

Things you might work on immediately

  • Build an orchestration layer to semantically understand and organize video content using vision models.
  • Add Figma-style collaboration to our core editor.
  • Prototype workflows for video generation using reasoning models and internal and external data.
  • Extend and optimize our server-side video/graphics rendering pipeline.
  • Write WebGL shaders for data visualization graphics.

How we work

  • We believe in small, hard-working, talent-dense teams.
  • We deeply care about our customers and relentlessly iterate with them.
  • We're generalists that enjoy picking up new challenges and learning new tech.
  • We prototype broadly across technologies and UXes, then make aggressive product plays.

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