Full Stack Engineer (JotPsych)



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JotPsych is the premier AI-scribe for behavioral health practitioners. We reduce documentation time by 90%+ for psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists.


>$100k cash, 1-5% equity, benefits

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Jun 13, 2024 10:49 PM
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Boulder COWashington DC
Remote Friendly


JotPsych: Background and Context

  • 🚀 JotPsych is a post-revenue, seed-stage software startup. The product reduces charting time for behavioral health clinicians by 90%. You can learn more about JotPsych by visiting the website, and/or by listening to the podcast below:
  • ⛓️ JotPsych was founded by Nate Peereboom and Jackson Bierfeldt. The company is 4 FTE and 5-10 part-time contractors.
  • 🚀 JotPsych has scribed for ~150k patient encounters in its first 9 commercial months. Our revenue grows 10-30% every month.
  • Check out👋Who and how we hire


We’re looking for a full-stack engineer with startup experience.

You’ll be our second most senior engineer (under our CTO) responsible for building some of our most critical new features. Some early epics may include:

  • Integrating voice-to-e-prescribe interface
  • Fine-tuning our RAG pipeline
  • Moving identity provider from Auth0 to Supabase Auth
  • Connecting our billing and coding data to an insurance clearinghouse
  • Creating a telehealth interface for psychiatrists and therapists to use


There are only two non-negotiables: you must be a full-stack software engineer and have experience being scrappy (experience working on a startup, running a significant personal project, or something similar). We are generally wary of engineers from large, slow engineering teams.

Indie hackers? Those are our people.

  • We want to work with someone who can play across the stack (front end, back end, etc.)
  • Ideally, you think in short timelines, you aren’t super process-focused, and you have a high degree of autonomy, initiative, self-learning, and the ability to create something from nothing.
  • Grit is critical in this position. There is a lot of great and meaningful work to do, but the technical challenges are significant, and the pace of work is fast.
  • See 👋Who and how we hire per above for more details

What stack experience do we hope you have? Here’s what we currently work with:

  • Typescript/React Frontend
  • Python/Flask/FastAPI APIs
  • Python/Celery Distributed Task Workers
  • AWS Infrastructure (EC2, ECS, SQS, S3)
  • MongoDB/Postgres (Supabase)
  • LLamaIndex RAG

Timing and location

We want to hire as soon as possible. We aim to complete the hiring process by the end of June 2024.

🏡 🚞 This is a full-time, hybrid role based around Washington, DC, or Boulder, CO (our HQs). What does hybrid mean? It means we’ll ask you to be in the office as needed (we can fly you in if you’re the right fit), and several times per year, you’ll be asked to co-locate in a cabin with the rest of the team for a week or so.

Interested in something part-time? Send us an email (see the application process below).


Compensation includes the following benefits:

  • 🌎 Deeply meaningful work - you’re changing how behavioral health happens. And that is so cool
  • 🤑 Cash compensation (negotiable)
  • 🧱 Material equity position (>1%)
  • 🩻 HSA for health insurance and other benefits
  • ⏰ Work whenever you want - we don’t track hours
  • 🪵 Multiple team retreats and excursions

Application process

First, email us ([email protected]) to introduce yourself and explain why you want to work with us. Keep it short (200 words or less) but professional. Include your resume, LinkedIn, and portfolio / GitHub.

Second, we’ll choose a smaller cohort for 30-minute interviews. We'll dive into your passions, quirks, and team spirit.

After that, we’ll do a code test and see how your software mind works.

Lastly, we’ll do 3 reference checks and (hopefully!) make you a fast offer.