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Amigo is a platform that empowers experts to scale their services through digital clones, allowing them to teach their clones how to reason and behave. By doing so, experts can reach more customers and drive incremental revenue.


$150k - $200k

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Jun 13, 2024 10:49 PM
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New York
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About Amigo

Amigo’s mission is to empower the world’s experts to scale their services through digital clones. We’re building a platform that allows any expert to teach their clone how to reason and behave so they can use it to reach more customers and drive incremental revenue. We’re well-funded and backed by notable and global VCs

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About the Role

You will build an intuitive and graceful platform experience for our cloning platform. You will create for:

  • experts who want to teach their digital clone how to reason and behave
  • consumers who interact with clones on a daily basis in various scenarios

You will reimagine how humans interact with digital beings for the next decade. You will work with our CEO, CTO, and the core team to build our vision, define our culture, and grow our team.

Who you are

  • A front-end or full-stack engineer with excellent product sense
  • Experience in developing in React and NextJS
  • Experience working at high-growth early-stage companies with a culture of shipping and building 0 —> 1 products
  • Experience building and shipping well-designed consumer-facing AI-native experiences.
  • Experience reimagining human <> technology interactions (i.e., AR / VR) is a plus but not required.
  • Experience building complex data input and workflows is a plus but not required.
  • Ideally you have an understanding of: multitenancy, caching, web/mobile compatibility, responsive design, CSS preprocessors, cross-browser testing and debugging, web performance optimization, RESTful API integration, version control systems, and familiarity with CI/CD pipelines.


  • Competitive Salary and Equity
  • Health and Wellness: We provide a stipend for gym memberships and mental health support, prioritizing your well-being.
  • 100% Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance coverage
  • Learning Fund: We cover the cost of your learning or development, investing in your growth.

Note: We work in-person in our NYC office because we believe to build a generational company, we must collaborate in person.

To apply, send us your resume and anything else you’d like to [email protected]

🚀 About Us

Amigo’s mission is to empower the world’s experts to scale their services through digital clones.

Amigo’s cloning platform enables any expert to teach their clone how to reason and behave so they can use it to reach more customers and drive incremental revenue.

  • We’re well-funded and backed by notable VCs
  • Our team has built products used by 100M+ people at companies like Google, Databricks, and Plaid.
  • Demand for our clones has outpaced our expectations. We are growing really fast, have paying customers who love our product and are gearing up for rapid expansion.

🧠 The Problem We Are Solving

Today, professionals in knowledge-based service industries (e.g., coaches, therapists, consultants, and advisors) face a scalability challenge; they trade their time for money and so their earning potential is constrained by the number of working hours in a day. Amigo helps solve this by enabling experts to create, train, and monetize a digital clone. They can use their clone to deliver their service and reach more customers while driving incremental revenue.

We believe that a high-quality and functional clone should not only mimic the tone of its expert counterpart but also deliver meaningful value through its service. For instance, a therapist's clone must be capable of providing therapy. An individual's expertise is more than just their accumulated knowledge; it includes context-specific reasoning, intuition, cognition, and other subtleties unique to them. To capture their cognition, we are developing a cloning mechanism that can capture their critical reasoning, tacit knowledge, and intuition in specialized service settings. If what we’re building resonates with you, we’d love for you to join us.

🧬 Our Company DNA

Our culture and values are in their formative stages, and we want you to help define our culture as we grow. Having said that, here are some things that are already part of our DNA:

  1. 🥇 First Principles Thinking: we build from raw atoms.
  2. ↗️ Velocity & Vectors: optimize for velocity; think in vectors.
  3. 👀 Vision Driven: see the tower before you build it.
  4. 💪🏼 Customer Focused: let them paint our north stars.

👀 Open Roles

Founding Full Stack EngineerFounding Product DesignerFounding Applied AI Engineer

👥 Who You’ll Be Working With

Ali Khokhar (CEO): Ali previously worked at Google, growing the core Ads product and then launching Stadia (the company’s cloud gaming platform). Before starting Amigo, he was building new Gen AI products focused on the future of work at Upwork’s AI lab. Outside of work, he loves playing beach volleyball, poker (and board games), and finding the best fried chicken in every city he visits.

John Xing (CTO): John came from a background of competitive physics and bioinformatics research. He began his career at Databricks, where he created the company's data quality system, foundational ML libraries, and the data infrastructure that powers the company's ML products. John completed three degrees in three years - math and computer science - at Johns Hopkins University. Outside of work, he enjoys weightlifting, snowboarding, and painting.